August 12, 2010

gawab free email review

This will not be a long and exhaustiv review but as I needed a new email account for some specific use. I use to have gmail account that is for me the best free email account. But the problem is the multi account, you need to logout each time. Of course you have the big top 3 ( yahoo, hotmail and gmail ) but I wanted to have an alternative one.

So I decided to find new services.  An I find gawab.

Registration : The form was a little bit long with unused question. Why do they ask me for my address and my phone number. The real problem is the phone number. When I put my real phone number with international code, it didn't accept it. When I replace th +(xx)  for international by 0 it was accepted.

It aslo ask me for reminder questio. I always find ridiculous that simply because, we loose more often the id or email more often than the password. And this is also a very big security gap. If you need to find out the password of someone, try the question.

Other problem was the secondary email. How people do when they need a email and they don't have others ? I need and email for that. That last point show me that this service is definitively not targeted to the primarly email. It will be a secondary email. My question : this service will be secondary as well ? I decided to use a yopmail address for that ( temporary email )

Finaly after 10 minutes, I arrived at the webbased interface. The first things I notice is the advertisement. The top banner was blinking and a big square at the right start to disturbe me before I start using this email.

The internationalisation is very poor they only have 2 languages : english and arabic. Is it an arabic service ?

When I try to change my user preference, they don't accept my change and show an "error message " : the occupation field should be selected but only 1 second in black on yellow. grrrr. I need to concentrated on the form and search for the occupation field. Finaly I find it and choose the first option. ( In my mind the occupation is not as important even for advertiser. Cause I imagine I am not the only one to put the first occupation just because it is mandatory. I imagine the service sell this information arguing the quality and detailed information of their users ! lol They are lyars ! If all users do as me !!!

I stop here for my registration and first impression. Maybe I will write more after a real usage of it.

By the way the email was not needed, I could give it a wrong email address, they was no verification.

If I would not it : 4/10

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