January 24, 2011

Myanmar Song - Wot lal mae - Kun Sint Nay Chi


Ecuador lies between latitudes 2°N and 5°S, and longitudes 75° and 92°W. The country has 3 geographic regions and an insular region in the Pacific Ocean:

* La Costa in the western part of the country, including the Pacific coastline.
* La Sierra is the high-altitude belt running north-south along the center of the country, its mountainous terrain dominated by the Andes mountain range.
* La Amazonía comprises the Amazon rainforest areas in the eastern part of the country, accounting for just under half of the country's total surface area, though populated by less than 5% of the population.
* The Región Insular is the region comprising the Galápagos Islands, some 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) west of the mainland in the Pacific Ocean.

Ecuador's capital is Quito, which is in the province of Pichincha in the Sierra region. Its largest city is Guayaquil, in the Guayas Province. Cotopaxi, which is just south of Quito, features one of the world's highest active volcanoes. The top of Mount Chimborazo (6,310-m above sea level).

There is great variety in the climate, largely determined by altitude. It is mild year-round in the mountain valleys; Humid Subtropical Climate incoastal and Rain Forests in lowlands. The Pacific coastal area has a tropical climate, with a severe rainy season. The climate in the Andean highlands is temperate and relatively dry; and the Amazon basin on the eastern side of the mountains shares the climate of other rain forest zones.

Because of its location at the equator, Ecuador experiences little variation in daylight hours during the course of a year.

Galápagos tortoise : Ecuador is one of seventeen megadiverse countries in the world according to Conservation International. In addition to the mainland, Ecuador owns the Galapagos Islands, for which the country is most well known.

Ecuador has 1,600 bird species (15% of the world's known bird species) in the continental area, and 38 more endemic in the Galápagos. In addition to over 16, 000 species of plants, the country has 106 endemic reptiles, 138 endemic amphibians, and 6,000 species of butterfly. The Galápagos Islands are well known as a region of distinct fauna, famous as the place of birth of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Despite being on the UNESCO list, the Galapagos are endangered by a range of negative environmental effects, threatening the existence of this exotic ecosystem. Additionally, oil exploitation of the Amazon rain forest has led to the release of billions of gallons of untreated wastes, gas, and crude oil into the environment, contaminating ecosystems and causing detrimental health effects to indigenous peoples.

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January 23, 2011

Love Economics Definition of Soulmates

Love Economics is our theory of love and dating. It is based on probabilities calculations, population statistics, and empirical research findings from Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychiatry. Love Economics explains social interactions in economic terms, benefits and costs. Based on this theory, the person who gives you the highest benefit per cost ratio on this Earth is your soulmate. The benefit to cost ratio is called your soulmate ratio. Mathematically, the ratio is written as:
Soulmate Ratio=Total Love Benefit / Total Love Cost

Your soulmate is the person who will maximize your soulmate ratio and vice versa. If another person exists that has the ability to give you a higher soulmate ratio than the person you are with, then the person you are with is not your soulmate. No one in this world, including being by yourself, could make you happier than being in love with your soulmate. True love is the love you share with your soulmate

January 20, 2011

Take care he is Excellent actor

To enrich itself or win Europe, all the means are good.

Always think that a bezness is fine psychologist: it learns to include itself with the European, according to the country.

Excellent actor, it knows to play the tears, languorous looks, soft words, feverish declarations, poetries, but is equally expert in crises of jealousy and harassment.

You have just met a young man, some useful counsels:

  • Never pay all alone, divide your exit expenses.
  • Never offer gift, even for the family, even if it says that this is the usage.
  • In your conversations, do not give any indication on your life train.
  • Do not leave his portable one in gift the day of the departure (it will be sold).
  • Declaration of love expresse = bad sign.
  • Do not accept do you "biper" to the telephone, if it wants to speak you it pays, or can send a sms, less costly than a telephone conversation.
  • Paid attention to your papers, CB and other objects...
  • Do not accept request in marriage before two years of stable and uniform relationships, without shadow to the picture and or of alarm (see above).


  • Our ignorance on the us and customs of the country, we do to accept all and does not import what.
  • Never accept doing something that you would not have done with a friend of your country.
  • His life level not very high must not do you to accept student to the row of Mother Térésa.
  • A quick presentation to the family, is not a proof of respect and of pride. Ca is not done in Tunisia. If one presents you, it is as if one presented the person who will enrich them. The families are often accomplices.
More information on bezness-land

January 12, 2011

how much I have fallen in love with your picture.

I don't know how to say this,
the words walking through my mind.
I can't place my hands on the keyboard,
the sentence I can't find,
for the feelings deep inside my heart.
I pray to God above,
for the right words to tell you,
how much I have fallen in love with your picture.
i will love to know u more ..u look like a queen

January 10, 2011


Hi friends, every day life can give you a many reasons to cry, but you can give life a millions of reasons to smile with your friend." "Life can only be understood backwards but It must be lived forward. " "You have only one life, love it while you live It." and keep smiling always.

January 9, 2011


Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. The island is home to the Blue Mountains inland and is surrounded by a narrow coastal plain. Chief towns and cities include the capital Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town, Mandeville, Ocho Ríos, Port Antonio, Negril, and Montego Bay.

Jamaica is also home to the seventh largest natural harbor in the world, Kingston Harbour. There are several tourist attractions scattered across the country, including Dunn's River Falls in St. Ann, YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, the Blue Lagoon in Portland, and Port Royal, which was the site of an earthquake that helped form the island's Palisadoes.

The climate in Jamaica is tropical, with hot and humid weather, although higher inland regions are more temperate. Some regions on the south coast, such as the Liguanea Plain and the Pedro Plains, are relatively dry rain-shadow areas.

Statues at Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica.

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True friendship is a plant of slow growth

“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation.”

-George Washington

true friendship

January 8, 2011

Built relationships

You can be the smartest person in the room, but the one who has the ability to connect and build trust based relationships is the winner every time.

Tthe foundation of all professional and personal relationships, I am trustworthy in all I do and say.

I am okay with being less than perfect, but try my best and admit my mistakes.

Pick a girlfriend or two to discuss it with and put a plan of action together. Share and support…

January 2, 2011

what is your new year resolution

Traditionaly the begining of a year is a good time to take good resolution.

Some people know that they will never keep it so don't take it at all.

Here few exemple :

  • Improve health: lose weight, exercise more, eat better, drink less alcohol, quit smoking
  • Improve finances: get out of debt, save money
  • Improve career: get a better job
  • Improve education: improve grades, get a better education, learn something new (such as a foreign language or music)
  • Improve self: become more organized, reduce stress, be less grumpy, manage time, be more independent

  • And you ? what is your resolution concerning love friendship or your soul ?

    Recent research shows that while 52% of participants in a resolution study were confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals. Men achieved their goal 22% more often when they engaged in goal setting, (a system where small measurable goals are being set; such as, a pound a week, instead of saying "lose weight"), while women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends.

    January 1, 2011

    Happy New Year 2011

    Wishing you Happy New Year !!

    Happy New Year

    this begining of year is traditionaly the time to wish to your family and your friends the best for the new year. I really wish you the best friendship and love to the people you desire in this new year.

    I have a tip for you : Try to contact old friends you maybe have less contact and wish them "Happy New Year". I wish you LOVE for 2011, friendship and many new friends.