January 20, 2011

Take care he is Excellent actor

To enrich itself or win Europe, all the means are good.

Always think that a bezness is fine psychologist: it learns to include itself with the European, according to the country.

Excellent actor, it knows to play the tears, languorous looks, soft words, feverish declarations, poetries, but is equally expert in crises of jealousy and harassment.

You have just met a young man, some useful counsels:

  • Never pay all alone, divide your exit expenses.
  • Never offer gift, even for the family, even if it says that this is the usage.
  • In your conversations, do not give any indication on your life train.
  • Do not leave his portable one in gift the day of the departure (it will be sold).
  • Declaration of love expresse = bad sign.
  • Do not accept do you "biper" to the telephone, if it wants to speak you it pays, or can send a sms, less costly than a telephone conversation.
  • Paid attention to your papers, CB and other objects...
  • Do not accept request in marriage before two years of stable and uniform relationships, without shadow to the picture and or of alarm (see above).


  • Our ignorance on the us and customs of the country, we do to accept all and does not import what.
  • Never accept doing something that you would not have done with a friend of your country.
  • His life level not very high must not do you to accept student to the row of Mother Térésa.
  • A quick presentation to the family, is not a proof of respect and of pride. Ca is not done in Tunisia. If one presents you, it is as if one presented the person who will enrich them. The families are often accomplices.
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