December 26, 2013

Don’t Wait On a Husband to Live Your Life!

You’re breathing right now, but are you living? Are you living the most out of your life? Or waiting on your FUTURE husband to start? dreams and aspirations aside, waiting to pursue only with your husband-to-be?

Do you feel like your abundant life will really start once you’ve found God’s match for you? Perhaps you’re struggling with a CASE of the Single Girl Syndrome… We believe we’re living beings, roaming, passing time until we meet our destined, who will fulfill us, and make us complete. Then we’ll be truly happy…
Single Ladies… SNAP out of it! It’s TIME we start really living our lives. Living the life we anticipate to live with a Husband one day.
Wipe the cobwebs off of your dreams. What are they? I challenge you today for a change of mind and heart. Start taking advantage of the life God has given you today, and start living.
Tomorrow is not promised, circumstances change, opportunities slip away, doors close. Use every bit of resource you have at this present moment, to pursue the things you want to do in life.
No more delay, it’s time to live in the fullness of life that Christ came for us to have – and live it well.

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