March 3, 2010

Kenya population 39,000,000

Until 1920 the area that is now Kenya was called the British East African Protectorate. In 1920 Kenya Colony was formed, named after Mount Kenya.
At independence, in 1963, Jomo Kenyatta was elected as the first president.[28] He had previously assumed this name to reflect his commitment to freeing his country.

At 580,367 km2, Kenya is the world's forty-seventh largest country. From the coast on the Indian Ocean the Low plains rise to central highlands. The highlands are bisected by the Great Rift Valley; a fertile plateau in the east. The Kenyan Highlands comprise one of the most successful agricultural production regions in Africa. The highlands are the site of the highest point in Kenya (and the second highest in Africa): Mount Kenya, which reaches 5,199 m and is also the site of glaciers. Climate varies from tropical along the coast to arid in the interior. Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen from Kenya to the South of the Tanzanian border.

Kenya is a diverse country, with many different cultures represented. Notable cultures include the Swahili on the coast, pastoralist communities in the north, and several different communities in the central and western regions. Today, the Maasai culture is well known, given its heavy exposure from tourism, however, Maasai make up a relatively minor percentage of the Kenyan population. The Maasai are known for their elaborate upper body adornment and jewelry. Kenya has an extensive music, television and theatre scene.

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