June 21, 2010

10 Things on Interpals that DRIVE ME CRAZY

- being hit on for cyber sex. There's many other websites for you out there.haha

- fake profiles. I've yet to understand why people do this.

- profiles with NO PICTURE of the PERSON or they have a picture of something random such as cat, celebrity, landscape pic. It's hard to get to know someone by looking at a pic of your cat.

- profile pics that are TOO SMALL.! Make your pictures LARGER so we can see you. :)

- messages that start off with " What's up? "

- notreading my profile BEFORE messaging. Get to know about me FIRST. It's easier to start up a nice conversation. You can still be surprised, not everything about me is in my profile. :)

- being asked for my msn or Skype address in the first message when we haven't even gotten to know each other.

- profile stalkers.

- people that message you five times before you've even had the chance to answer back their FIRST message asking you WHY you haven't answered their first message? LOL

- sending a friend request and we haven't even talked.

10 Things on Interpals that DRIVE ME CRAZY

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