June 23, 2010

7 Things on Interpals that DRIVE ME CRAZY

- Deleting my comment without telling me why ( what's up ! ) and using google to resay it !
- Changing my age or sex to send a messge to someone who have crazy restriction then been blocked at that age for month.
- Asking what's up and having this wonderfull open questions deleted.
- Reading loooooooooooong description and responding accondingly.
- Not knowing what is profile stalkers.
- Sending 5 messages and receaving a response 1 year later.
- Resquesting a friendship without any talk and not beeing accepted.
- Asking msn or skype instead of xmpp.

1 comment:

  1. HAHA :)
    Interpals is a crazy websitz, I evn found many crazy things about the propriter of it "The darken side of Interpals" you can google it.
    But it's a great website..simple and give the chance for long and useful discussion :)