January 1, 2010

Purpose of this blog

The biggest challenge is to get a target audience to read this blog. That's why I need a “blog with a purpose.” I need a reason for my audience to visit this blog on a regular basis. What would make this blog special? Why would they want to bookmark this blog? Why would they want to link to it and tell others? That should be my ultimate goal

What is the purpose of this blog?

One month after the launch, the result is not here yet. Less than 10 visits a day and the ranking is still very bad. But I know that new web site needs time to go up in it. I always compare a website as a garden. We need to work on it. We need perseverance. We need inspiration. What word will they use to find what ? Like a message in a bottle the blog is launched. The chance of success is very very low. But I know that it could help other visitors.

The Subject is often the center of our life. My wish is that it helps you even a little or change radicaly your life. Touching heart is my goal. Touching brocken heart. why not your heart.

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