January 16, 2010

2010 in prophecy from a pastor

1. In 2010 there is going to be so much disappointments in the lives of people across the nations. So many people will loose their jobs, apartments and connections. there will be gross darkness in so many families and communities that have not considered Jesus in their lives.

2. In 2010 there will so much natural disasters across the world. There will be so much problems that so many families will split, children will be abused and there will be much record of betrayals and disappointments. In 2010 terrorism will increase, no matter the level of security measures that will be taken across the globe. There will be so much fear on people including the Government. there will be insecurity of lives and properties. Jesus is the only answer!

3. In 2010 blood shed will increase across the world. War and kidnapping will increase. Global crisis will increase. 2010 there will be a fast movement of uniting the world for peace, harmony, convenience for people, and prosperity but it's just a means to the end.

4. In 2010 Islam will spread more, corruption will increase all over the world, and fear of the unknown will increase. there will be so much promises from Governments and world leaders that will never come through. false prophets will increase and the love of many will grow cold.

5. In all there, in 2010 God will raise fearless men and women for the sake of advancing His Kingdom. Many will carry God's weight (Glory), they will walk, act, do and live like God on earth. many will walk in the miraculous and financial blessings. there will be a high spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the world and so many harvest shall be seen 2010.

6. In 2010, there will be unprecedented manifestation of God's grace upon the saints. Many believers will walk and live in divine grace, divine supply, divine life, divine favor and divine health. To be like God in 2010, you have to be flexible for change (2 Corinthians 3:18).

7. 2010 is going to be a year of supernatural speed for the saints. Your speed this year can not be estimated. there's going to be so much fulfillment of promises and prophecies in the camp of the saints. For the Saints, many of us will become signs and wonders on earth, we will become the gospel ourselves ( Living Epistles ). Many false prophets and teachers will be exposed and many will die. In 2010 there will be great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the anointing of the Spirit will be released upon many for a quick work across the world. There will be great release of finance to the body of Christ this year, all these for the advancement and establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Times are fast rolling, each second draws eternity nearer than ever. What contribution have you made to life? What seed have you sown for the unborn generation? How much time do you have left? I challenger you to reach out to the dieing souls around where you are. We are close to the end of the age. Jesus is coming soon!!!

My comment !
check and analyse all things according to God's word. Keep what is good for you act accordinly and change your way if needed

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