January 11, 2010

Do people really fall in love

Sometimes I am wondering how come, you from the other side of the world can make me happy, how come when all I do is think of you and I can write and be inspired by you, how come am always looking for a mail that comes from you, and how come when I read your mails, there's always a smile on my face and my heart is so glad, and how come I'm in love with you. 
     What kind of world is this internet, when you haven't seen the person and you will love and care for him.  What connection does it have to an individual when this is not the real world, the different cultures and the different ways to live our lives. Do people really fall in love here, by looking at the pictures, reading the profiles, exchanging messages.
     This is from my heart, yes, people fall in love with people here in the net, because I did fall in love and I haven't had the slightest idea who he is.  Heart has its own reason which reason itself cannot explain.  Heart will always find another heart that is love,   and no one can stop a heart from falling in love.  And…to love him means to care and be a part of his world, a world of tenderness that only the two us will understand.
     And… to you…. because I love you, no space, no time, no boundaries will set you apart from me. You made me happy without a word, without a touch perhaps that is what is love is all about
   .be careful in​ my heart you will stay forever  al​ways, always.

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