February 11, 2010

I feel like i was stalk by people

Women stalk men nearly as much as men stalk women. Men stalk more at night and women stalk more by day.
A true stalker can't stand to be ignored.  

 Obsessional stalking develops because of the way the couple interacted and the way they broke up. The delusional stalker becomes irrational and fixated on people like movie stars, a public figure, a co-worker or even a former intimate relationship. 

Nearly 90% of all college students who break up will engage in what is called "unwanted pursuit behavior". Pursuit behavior includes writing notes, giving gifts, making phone calls, contacting friends, following the person or intruding in their life. This can border and easily cross the line and become an obsession. But actually it is normal it is "relationship repair mechanism.".

Men and women become especially obsessed in a relationship when they experience a double bind. The most powerful double bind is "I love you, go away."  

Obsessive pursuit becomes stalking when it becomes scary and it is not mutual pursuit.

Researchers have found that about 1 out of 24 people who are convinced they are being stalked actually aren’t. And about 1 out of 49 people who are being stalked actually don’t believe they are.  It is "false stalking syndrome". Women with false stalking syndrome will go to the police, ministers, friends and others to gain support, friendship and escape from problems in their life.

Women with this condition are typically dramatic, sexually provocative, live chaotic lives, suffer repeated relationship failures, have financial problems and have very dysfunctional histories usually involving drug or alcohol use.  The behavior of false stalking syndrome appears to be limited almost exclusively to women.



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