February 3, 2010

interpals find friends and learn languages

Interpals find friends
InterPals is a social network dedicated to friendship and language learning..

Created in April 1998 by a then 13 year-old eighth-grade student from Tacoma, Washington, the site began as the "International Penpal Page." A friendly forum for people to find email and postal penpals from around the world, the page quickly became so popular that it was rebuilt from the ground up in 1999 and renamed InterPals. 

The original mission remains unchanged: to help people find penpals and friends over the Internet for free. We are dedicated to providing this service to our users for free -- and at no point do we plan to start charging for any of our services. Your support for our sponsors (whose banners appear on our pages) make this site possible.

Advantage : this website is simple and free. You can find friends very quickly. The search engine is very efficient, you can select country, language, sex and age.

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