December 10, 2009

How do you lose friends?

Usually by bad or poor attitudes or behaviours, lack of respect, jealousy, too overbearing or needy, different interests and paths, addiction(s), other friends, family or partners, peer pressure or gossip/rumours, lying, distrust or disloyal, empty promises - just to name a few.

Knowing how to loose friends can helps you keeping your friends...

There are many ways to lose friends and alienate people. The first
way to lose a friend is by refusing to accept responsibility when
you have made a mistake.

Or apologizing when you have made the mistake, but doing so
defensively which isn't an apology at all.

Then there is being a flake. This manifests itself in making plans
and constantly canceling them.

It is fairy easy to alienate people. One of the best methods is by
being aggressively self centered, being the person at the party that
likes to argue- with everyone.

While this is a relatively short list, I know that you all have an some
ideas, based on experience on how to lose friends and alienate people.

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