December 14, 2009

I like red most

Love and War:
Red is hot. It's a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare.

Nature of Red:

A stimulant, red is the hottest of the warm colors. Studies show that red can have a physical effect, increasing the rate of respiration and raising blood pressure

Culture of Red:
Red is power, hence the red power tie for business people and the red carpet for celebrities and VIPs

Using Red:
Use the color red to grab attention and to get people to take action. Use red when you don't want to sink into the background. Use red to suggest speed combined with confidence and perhaps even a dash of danger. A little bit of red goes a long way. Small doses can often be more effective than large amounts of this strong color. Multiple shades of red and even pink or orange can combine for a cheerful palette.

Language of Red:
The use of red in familiar phrases can help a designer see how their color of choice might be perceived by others — both the positive and negative aspects.

Good red

  • Red letter day - important or significant occasion
  • Red carpet treatment - make someone feel special, treat them as if they are a celebrity
  • Roll out the red carpet - same as above
  • Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning; red sky at night, sailor's delight - pay attention to good and bad warning signs
  • Paint the town red - celebrate, go out partying
  • Red eye - an overnight flight

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