December 22, 2009

i am very good at finding people's fault

She feel so sad and have been crying for days about it. She is not sure if she is doing the right thing. She decided to break up because they were always fighting. To be more specific, She always find fault with things he say/do and pick a fight with him. she does not think she intentionally find fault, butSheis so sensitive about everything she says.

She find fault with him, but she is the fault. She is so sad and she doesn't know what she wants.

Listen to your heart. perhaps rekindling the old passion is not possible as one would imagine the state of confusion and perplexity that the both of you are going through. but there is a chance, a good one, that you could feel intensity of his commitment, if you open your heart to it. perhaps then, another variant of passion will emerge to be equally or more satisfying. there is much parallel being drawn between your cold actions to your past; however, be fair to yourself and to your man. try to imagine how he would be in the future for you, as he was to you and everyone else who he ever cared about in the past. by your words of sorrow, you fear of your emotional past would be repeated in the future; the burden of ensuring that your immediate family will never have to see you endure another phase of suffering. but certainly you must realize that the chances of that happening is unrealistically low. most infidelities are over-rated and happy marriages are oftenly under-rated for various reasons. if he truly loves you, he will never commit to you in holy matrimony, and then walk out of you in the future, as he must truly understand your history. by the words of your heart, it seems that you love him and yearn for him, but retract yourself to prevent hurt in the future. ask yourself, are you truly listening to your heart or replaying old reruns of your parent's past? you probably know by now that if he truly loves you, his passion for you would have survived your many years working abroad. only you could allow yourself to break free from your moldings; you're human, you have a choice.

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